How to increase volume of hp pavilion dv6-6163cl

a.o.a i have deleted Photoshop from my lap top hp-pavilion dv6-6163cl after deleting it i tried to restore my pc to its initial condition but i m not able to restore window 7 what should i do?
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  1. Did you create recovery disks when you first bought the computer? Using those you can reformat your entire pc to it's original state.

    You may also be able to do this by booting in to your recovery partition when the computer is starting by holding down F10
  2. ^ as bobusboy said, if the hard drive is the original hard drive that came with the computer you can do a recovery right from the hard drive's recovery partition. I'd recommend burning a set of recovery discs after that.

    make sure everything you want to keep is transferred/copied off of your hard drive because doing the system recovery is going to erase everything that you currently have on your hard drive.
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