Sound Card problem???

I have sound blaster audigy with the creative 5.1 speaker set. It has worked great for 6 months now. Until last night, i was playing Unreal 2003 when out of no where major static comes through my speakers, so i shut the game down, it goes back to my windows screen and then the whole computer crashes, HARD! I get this blue screen with all this text that says something like "You have encounterd a major problem, you will not be able to access your windows incase of computer damage. Please try and restart, if this screen comes up again push f-8 and try a safe mode boot" the message was a little longer but that was basically it. Everytime i tried a safe mode boot i got the same screen. I had to start through my bios and go through my cd first using my windows xp disk and completely reformat my computer, no problem i dont keep anything but games on my computer. But i reformatted 3 times and everytime i install the sound blaster audigy and the computer restarts it crashes and goes back to that same texed blue screen. WHAT HAPPEN?? The sound card worked fine for 6 months, now this, did it just die on me?
1.5 ddr ram
40 hard drive
radeon 8500
crative 52x cd
asus mother board
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  1. Quote:
    The sound card worked fine for 6 months, now this, did it just die on me?

    Very strange, but it sounds like your Audigy's fried somehow. Or maybe that PCI slot went bad. Have you tried a different slot?

  2. Im guessing it fried as well, thanks. I will try a different slot, but if its still a problem and i buy a new sound card, from reading through alot of these posts alot of people are saying the turtle beach is the way to go, any suggestions??
  3. Turtle Beach Santa Cruize. I've heard of crashing and corrupted files with Creative's cards, but this is the first time I've hear of hardware damage!

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