Serious unexplainable windows/explorer.exe problems

So I keep my computer pretty healthy, I use CCleaner, TuneUp Utilities, Malwarebytes, my firewall is on, Microsoft Security essentials is on, and my computer is always max out in terms of basic windows operations and performance. I also have the free version of Superantispyware that i use as a stand alone scanner bc it picks up on problems and viruses (which i very very rarely get bc I know what to stay away from, and Malwarebytes will pick up on them right away and Superantispyware has gotten rid of anything bad on my system). So I ran into major hanging problems when i tried to install an Azio bluetooth keyboard, my Devices and Printers takes forever to come up and explorer.exe windows will stop responding just about every time I use my computer. Ctrl+Alt+Del takes forever as well and i usually have to wait and then right click somewhere to get the process rolling for it to come up. Even my physical reset button takes about 10 seconds to do anything, I've pressed that about 3 or 4 times out of frustration. Let me know if you guys need any additional information, but to my understanding my computer has been super healthy and has stayed lightening fast until this keyboard but it came right from the factory and i doubt it has that much to do with it. I just think windows is effing up and im not sure what im supposed to do bc even after running CCleaner, running tuneup's 1 click maintence (which does defrags but it'll say when i dont need to and it says that), and running Superantispyware, everything should b fine. Thanks alot in advance for any help, like i said let me know if you guys need additional information.
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  1. The only thing I can think of that you could do, is to do a system restore, or start afresh.
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    just because you keep your computer clean with those utilities doesn't always mean its going to be completely healthy, sometimes its best to back up what you have right now and try a fresh install. if that doesn't fix it, there might be something wrong with your drivers, have you installed any new hardware or updated any?
  3. Can you revert to a "good" restore point?

    If not

    Delete Azio bluetooth from your system - use Device Manager - after attaching old key board. Restart computer, and see if OK.
  4. Yea i have both keyboards set up but most of the time I just use my USB and I only pair my bluetooth keyboard when I'm in my bed bc i have a tv facing the opposite way of my monitor directly behind it. I didnt have any restore points but i do now. Its just explorer that stops responding if i give it too many commands, it just became unstable and im just thinking its a natural windows thing so i might just format and start anew. And yea UndergroundTech, I agree do u know anyway to fix driver issues like that if that is my problem? I will try Rumbletum's idea. Kinda busy right now but ill get to it tomorrow guys and let u all know. Thanks for the replies guys!
  5. Just a thought! Have you reviewed your startup programmes to see if there are any that you could do without e.g. Adobe quickstart etc, thus freeing up memory and CPU for what you really want to do?
  6. If you have Windows 7, try a windows update or at least do check for updates and take a look at the additional updates besides those important ones, some drivers can be installed but only fully functional after a windows update. Do you have Hard Disk Drive problems? if no then try windows update.
  7. ok i got it. And yes skyhide i check windows updates about everyday. So i talked to my dad and he's got a good mind for troubleshooting and he said to just create another admin acct and see if that solves anything. But that put a thought in my head, quite the opposite of Rumbletum's new idea, I already have been disabling services and quite a few of them, the quickest i got my pc to boot was down to around 40-41 seconds (with bios quick boot) so now im up around 1:10 with every single service enabled and im not having those problems anymore... weird but I could care less about a 30 second longer boot time.
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  9. those are soluto's times, if you guys dont know about it check it out its a pretty nice free program.
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