Network problem not able to run network at full speed

Hello all,

I've recently bought a new computer which I had quite some trouble with.

First of all the games that keep crashing (think it's a windows 7 issue so i'm just going to wait for the MS solution)

Secondly I have (and this is the issue) my network that isn't able to run at maximum speed.

At the moment my internet only works when I put networkspeed to 10mbps Half Duplex instead of 100mpbs Full Duplex. This means I only have a max speed on my network of 1mb per second and the same applies for the internet. This computer is linked to a network of 3 other computers (who don't have a single problem) and is directly attached to a switch and then to a modem.

We tried many things to get it to work again, there was only one thing that actually worked. The thing that worked was attaching my computer directly to the modem. The problem is however that that means that all the other people don't have internet.

My question is, is it the switch that causes this problems (it's updated with the latest firmware and was the newest version 1.5 years ago)? Or is it my computer that causes it for some reason (windows 7)?

I've updated every single driver, windows, updated bios etc. etc.

I run windows 7 ultimate 64bits.

Hope you guys got the answer for me.



ps. If you need more information, I'll be happy to give it to you. (thought i'd keep it as short as possible for now)
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  1. Crashing games are usually due to a driver problem (most often the video driver), or a bug in the game, not in Windows itself. Make sure any games that are not working properly for you are completely patched as well, since you have already updated Windows, and your major drivers.

    Also check things like any third party software installed. For instance, I have a program called Tunebite installed on my computer. It loads it's own audio driver for recording and saving audio played back through my system. Battlefield 2142 does not like the fact that Tunebite's driver is loaded into my system, and crashes every time I try to play it, until I disable Tunebite's audio driver. It took me about 3 days to initially figure all of that out. During those 3 days, I was assuming that BF 2142 simply didn't like Windows 7.
  2. Believe me prophecy, we tried everything in a different topic... Nor is it third party software since the first thing i installed on my new pc was my graphics driver and after that i installed Modern warfare 2 which back then crashed at the same spot it still does.

    Bioshock 2 works like a charm, no problems whatsoever.

    But I'd like to know what's going on with my network, since the crashing games is already handled in this topic:

    It's very frustrating that my network can't go full speed. That's my main concern now :). Thanks for the help though, much appreciated!
  3. Are you able to put another drive in the machine, and install a different OS to see if it's only happening under 7? My next best guess would be a poorly written network driver, or a bad adapter.
  4. A network will only work as fast as the slowest component connected to it, If the switch or the modem only work at 10mbs then the whole network will work at 10 mbs.
  5. The switch and modem are both 100mbps, as i stated in my main post. All other persons on my network have full speed, I don't cause it won't identify my computer when I put it on 100mbps full duplex or any other than 10mbps half duplex.

    I can't put another drive in the machine TheProphecy, I could make a different partition though. Personally i think the switch is too old or can't handle my hardware. I think this is the case because when i attach my cable to the modem itself (thus not the switch) it just goes full speed (100mbps full duplex) without a problem.

    I've already updated the network driver to the newest version, so it could be poorly written but then they would both be poorly written since it didn't work from the start. My roommates also have Windows 7 ultimate 64bits from exactly the same source as mine, I don't think it's a windows problem but a hardware conflict.

    Hope you can help me further, help is much appreciated prophecy and pjmelect. Thank you :)
  6. What happens if you let your adapter auto negotiate it's link speed rather than configuring it manually? I take it when you say switch, you really mean router, correct? If so what model router and have you checked the port / firewall settings on the router? If you plug one of the working computers into the same port you're plugged into, do they continue to work? I'm suspecting a bad port on the router.
  7. Then it does the same as when i put it on a fixed 100mbps... It stops by saying 'identifying' and then it just doesn't work. We tried all ports on the switch (router works but has only one port for the internet which is connected to the switch), they work for the others but not for me. Still only 10mbps half duplex.

    I called a friend of mine who has an 8 port switch still at home... Going to try that after the weekend (won't be in my hometown before) so you'll hear from me if that's the problem.

    Thanks for the info :)
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