PC2700 /PC3200 Validation

I'm considering obtaining a Gigabyte Motherboard with 845-PE or the SIS chip that in theory can handle DDR up to 600.
The specs say the board is limited to PC2700 and does not recgonize anything faster.
Comments that I have read here lead me to understand DDR400 aka PC3200 SPD is read as PC2700.
Given that ... how do I verify the quality of any memory that I purchase? Everybody talks about the CL2.5 at 400 but says it should CL2 or better at slower speeds. What does the testing software such as SisSoft Sandra read it as?
Thanks in Advance.

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  1. Memory ratios CPU:RAM for the i845PE/GE are:
    3:4, for use of PC2100 on "400" bus processors
    4:5, for use of PC2700 on "533" bus processors

    And lower ones that we need not discuss
    The 3:4 ration was also available on earlier chipsets, but resulted in DDR354 memory speeds on a "533" bus.

    Actual clock rate of 533 bus is 133MHz. Increasing the bus speed to 150MHz will overclock the CPU, and the memory will go to 400MHz.

    SiS 648 supports the 3:4 CPU:RAM ratio for operating PC3200 at DDR400, but the only board completely stable in this is the GA-8SG667 (see Anandtech articles).

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