Splitter cord two monitors, connecting one laptop pc and telethone system to the

Can I connect a laptop pc and my telephone to the same modem with a splitter? egovan6@hotmail.com
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  1. Do not post your email in a forum. you will get spammed.

    Telephone lines are already just split to the jacks in the house and most desktop modems include a passthrough to connect a phone. a splitter for 1 Jack to 2 is maybe a Buck. Of course you can't use the phone while on dial up, as always. Some ISPs/modems did support call waiting to put the modem on hold and let an incoming call ring though.

    I am of course assuming you mean a dialup modem in the laptop. if you are referring to a DSL or cable modem and a VOIP phone you must use a network switch.
  2. if it is on the same phone jack you will need this for the phone something like this http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2103593
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