Can't connect to certain websites.

Okay so I have a router at college. An Asus RT-N16. I have DD-WRT on it. I used to own a wrt54gl until it crapped out on me. So I just bought this.

The problem is: Everything works fine, but I cannot access my colleges website. Like the .edu address. None of it. When I directly connect to the wall I am fine, with the router I cannot go to our .edu site. It just gives a generic error saying it cannot reach the website/address.

I have tried everything. Static IP that is linked to my computer and allowed on the network. DHCP. I have done MAC cloning. I have no idea what to do. It used to work on the wrt54gl.

Any ideas?
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  1. Are you overriding the DNS server settings in the router setup? When you are inside a network you cannot use the external IP addresses to access local servers.
  2. What does that mean? "Overriding the DNS server settings"? I have done nothing other than the initial set up. What can I do to resolve this?
  3. These are my main setup settings:
  4. That is unusual to use static WAN addresses. Make sure those DNS settings are correct.
  5. What else should I use?

    I simply plugged in directly to the wall, and then ipconfig /all'd and wrote down all my laptops ip settings and whatnot and then plugged them into my router settings. Is that not what I should have done? Should I just use DHCP? I don't think it works if I do that. Other routers my friends have work fine. And me, being a CS major can't figure this crap out.
  6. Try again just using DHCP.
  7. Nope. Didn't work :(
  8. No one? Damn it.
  9. Going by all the details you provided there is no reason it should not work.
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