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I am having trouble configuring my three network cards correctly on a Windows 2003 Enterprise Server running Routing and Remote Access. Here is the scenario and configuration:

(WAN1) is configured to an external IP Address used for our corporate email

(WAN2) is configured for a WebService and is also configured to use an external IP Address

(LAN) is configured to the local area network.

The problem is that WAN1 is configured to an internal IP address of and needs to have set as its gateway (the router on points the WAN IP to like a DMZ)

WAN2 needs to be configured with the actual WAN IP as the router it is connected to is actually a gateway and does not perform any routing.

LAN is configured to the Local Area Network and points the Small Business Server as its Gateway and also its Primary DNS

Do I just enable NAT in the RRAS snap in and drop WAN1 and WAN2 in there as public interfaces? If so how do I allow for the different gateways for each? Is there some sort of Static Mapping I need to do to accomplish this?

Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Do you have a static IP ? Some companies will have multiple staic IP's to be used in the manor that you are trying to accomplish. I'm not a corporate IT person but I did at one time install static IP addresses for Comcast and one of the purposes of the static IP was for company e-mail and or web pages and some companies would install up to 5 static IP Addresses.
  2. Thanks for the reply inzone. Yes I have multiple static IP's. The issue is that I need to have three network cards working on on server and all three are using different IP addresses and sub-nets. Not sure how to configure them so that they all get the correct traffic going in the right direction.

    Windows does not like having multiple gateways configured when you have multiple adapters. I believe the trick here will be in the Static Routes I will probably need to create, just not sure which of the three (the 2 WAN's or the LAN) should have the Default Gateway entry configured on the Properties tag for the adapter.
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