Starcraft frezzeing

Starcraft frezzes my laptop (MSI GX623), and i cant CTRL+ALT+Supr, only "turn off" the computer.
I tried compatibility modes but it didnt help.
anyone knows if this issue can be solved somehow?
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  1. Have you updated your video drivers? Is Starcraft completely patched?
  2. auto updates are on win7, and patch is 1.16.1 (latest one, but came out BEFORE win7).
    Also i update all drivers from video card regulary, but always 1 month after they come out (i wait for hotfixes mostly but i got a 4670 in the laptop so not many updates anymore).
  3. Download a copy of HWMonitor and check your temps, specifically CPU and Video. Post the results, along with the model number of your video chip and CPU.
  4. Many of my friends report the exact same problem on Win 7. I'm fairly sure it's not CPU/GPU temps because my friends like to enjoy Crysis on the same computers... and if Starcraft heats up a computer like Crysis.... :ouch:
  5. is there a way to increase the resolution in starcraft? some kind of mod? even to like 1024x760 would be nice, i think it maxes at like 640x480
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