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I have a quick question regarding a problem I’m having with my CD-ROM drive (a Creative CD5233E). When I sometimes remove a CD from the drive (either a music, data, or program CD) and then close the drive door, the CD-ROM acts as if it is searching for a disc (I can hear the thing working) and when it doesn’t find one it spits open the door. Even if I close the door once again, the drive keeps going through this routine, searching for a disc and then opening the door when it doesn’t find anything. The only way to stop this behavior is to either insert another CD or to restart the machine. My question is: what is going on with my drive? I see no conflicts under my Device Manager, and the CD-drive functions perfectly when a CD is inserted. I realize this is more of an annoyance than anything, but I would like to solve the problem. Is there an adjustment I can make to stop this from happening? I am running Win98 SE in case this makes a difference.

Thanks very much in advance to those who take the time to respond.

With best wishes,
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  1. Hmmm. A most curious problem.
    Firstly i would delete the drive from your hardware list, and re-install it. If that doesn't fix it, see if the creative website has any drivers or suggested fixes for that particular drive.

    Apart from that, im out of ideas... Apart from using Ducttape to keep it shut! :lol:
    <i>(Is there anything that duct tape cannot fix?)</i>

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  2. Thank you for the suggestions. I have written Creative and asked them for help, and if they respond I'll post the answer in case anyone else faces the same problem.
    Best wishes,
  3. Actually something similar happened at a place i work, but it was an amusing practical joke.

    Apparently a number of cd drives supplied to the company came with I.R. remote control units, and some collegues stole the remote unit and used it to open and close the drive whenever some Newbie was using the PC... cauzing much confusion and fear :lol:

    Good office hijinks.

    So... no one standing around you looking guilty when this happens? :smile:

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  4. This is not a software problem and unfortunately [for Creative drive owners] is a common problem with their drives (3 of my friends' experiences with their iNFra series of CD-ROM drives which didn't want to pull in their trays). An Acer did this to me too...

    I'm also curious to know what Creative says about it.
  5. I've run into calls about this. Some dust particles on a sensor kept the drive thinking there was a CD there and it searches for it. After so many retrys it gives up and opens. a quick shot of canned air cured it. I'm not saying this will fix yours, but it may be worth a shot.
  6. Just a quick update on this problem. Still no word from Creative on possible solutions (despite a 2 weeks wait so far) but I tried RobertNKC's suggestion of blowing some canned air through the drive and so far it seems to work. Perhaps it was as simple as that. Thanks as always for the wonderful help, and should Creative respond I'll post their answer here.
    Best wishes,
  7. Heh. Sometimes its hard to tell the difference between bad technical support and NO technical support :wink:

    Good solution though. Must remember that one.

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  8. had this problem also, the last few days, seem to have cured it by disabling acrotray in task manager... its an adobe app., tho when i looked in the adobe files i see there are 4! versions, one with 600kb, and 3 wit 20-30kb, so maybe its a malware plant or something
    hope this helps
  9. Look at the date when replying please.

    Christ I seen lhgpoobaa's name and I thought it was odd seeing him posting as I thought he was long gone, then I looked at the date, something some people don't do.
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