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I've searched the postings and haven't anything that really answers my question very well, so I'll go ahead and post it. Im looking to upgrade my soundcard/speakers here soon. I currently have a sblive! x-gamer with some creative soundworks 1500 or some pos speakers, forget the model #. Anyways, I listen to alot of mp3's on my system, some rock, but what i'm really concerned about is I listen to some classical music and i need it be very clear and very audible in all ranges, from the low parts to the high parts. I also use this for machine for gaming, but that's not quite as important. I don't watch dvd's on here or anything, so that's not much of an issue. Any suggestions as to an appropriate soundcard/speaker combination, in a reasonable price range also. By the way, Im using XP-pro in case there are driver problems with this os. Thanks
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  1. the best quality of sound is in the altec lansing 641, they have a better range of sound and more control(can control treble) than the logitech z560. Logitech is coming out with a new one that may be better, but its not out yet. If I was to buy today and my main concern was quality of sound and range, the altec beat out the logitechs.
    logitech: System frequency response: 35Hz - 20kHz
    Signal-to-noise ratio: > 75 dB

    altec 20hz-22khz
  2. How 'bout Klipsch's promedia series and Videologic's Sirocco Spirit series? They have very good quality and comments too?? Especially on Sirocco one that could compare with Hi-Fi products
  3. Quote:
    How 'bout Klipsch's promedia series

    Hmm, I have the Promedia 5.1s and I think they're great for gaming and DVDs, but perhaps a bit too bright for music. For music a strong midrange is critical and I think this is one area where the Siroccos definitely outperform the Promedias.

  4. Yes they are great, but he did say "in a reasonable price range also", the altecs have the best 4.1 sound for $140.00usa the klipsch are about 240usa. I dont know anything about the Sirocco spirit series, what can you tell me about them?
  5. If your worried about music, try a small stereo. I've been using a Aiwa bookshelf system for a couple years now and it sounds great. I also don't game, so it's mostly music that I'm listening to. I'm also going to be switching the stereo with a couple JBL 6208 reference monitors for studio work.

    Also I noticed EV has put out a 2.1 and a 4.1 speaker set. I'm not sure how they sound, but EV does have alot of experience in sound reinforcement.

  6. First of all, you say you listen to a lot of MP3s and need great speakers to properly ouput the dynamic range.... now.. if you need that.. why are you even listening to MP3s.. now, maybe the classical pieces you refer to are on CD (or DVD-Audio.. unlikely though).. then I can understand the desire for better quality speakers.

    As far as I'm concerned MP3 is restrictive enough to rule out the need for great quality speakers.. you can get louder sound.. and cleaner bass though.

    Now.. Sirocco Spirit is a great speaker system. It's 2.0 (no sub) with separate tweeter and a 3" midrange driver, all manufactured by Audax. Videologic (now Pure) received accolades and awards with their speaker systems and they are regarded as top of the line when it comes to PC and multimedia speakers. (Sirocco Crossfire, Spirit, and Pro + Digitheatre DTS). I do recommend them all warmly (used them all) but they cost more than your average PC speaker-system.

    For 'affordable' (read budget) I agree with mattburklund on the Altecs.. they're not bad at all.. however personally they don't match up for my desire.

    Also I recommend Cambridge Soundworks Ultra-Megaworks models 211, 215 and 213. (price in that order, lowest first). Yes I know Cambridge is owned by Creative but these three models are not marketed with Creative and use the great Newton series speakers (Cambridge Soundworks Hifi model). Link:
  7. I can't really tell much difference above 160KBPS or so on good encodings. You must have some extra good ears or something.
  8. It is a very subjective matter.. some hear some don't.. but most I think will hear the difference given the right equipment to compare.. and if you get accustomed to one sound (say listen to a great music cd through great speakers all day, for some reason) you would immediately notice the difference between CD-audio and MP3 192kbit. Or at least I do..

    However I also think that MP3 192 is just fine for casual listening in front of the computer.
  9. Probably too much time with a walkman strapped on and cranked up. I thought I could hear everything.
  10. This is a bit offtopic: I recently bought a Denon PMA-655R stereo integrated amplifier and a pair of B&W DM303s (after quite a bit of auditioning and testing the different amplifier/speaker combinations available to me). As I had no more money for a CD/DVD unit, I've connected it to my PC.

    Now, while I couldn't much tell the difference between 128 and 160 kbit/s MP3 before, while I had connected my PC to an Aiwa bookshelf system, I can assure you that with the config I've got now (even while it's a budget setup), I can tell most MP3 or other compressed audio from CD. Above 192 Kbit/s the difference isn't day and night but it's definitely there (and WMA is awful BTW).

    On a side note I recommend this setup especially the B&Ws (because I'm not well informed about newer Denon amps), to any music lover here on a budget. For ~$200, you're not going to find ANY speaker better sounding: The high and mid-frequency clarity is amazing and it beats larger speakers with 2 times the price in terms of richness of sound and the amount of dynamism. The bass is tight and never too bright. Overall a rich, ultradynamic, flat music experience!
  11. Agreed. B&W do make great budget Hifi speakers. Received many awards for its price range too. I'm aiming for the S3 601s or 602s..
  12. Good idea. I should do the same thing.
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