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Hello, We are purchaseing a small graphic company to add to our business. The building is about 100 yeards away from our existing server building. we need to tie their servers to ours so they can use our payroll and mail systems. They have 3 servers and 100 Mac workstations. We have 15 servers all of the same type and specs but we are running three different network OSs at this time as follows
5 are running NT 4.0 server
6 are running Windows 2000 server
4 arerunning Windows 2003 server
I would like to migrate to one server OS. Can anyone give me advice on chooseing an OS we should use and what would implement that decision? Currently we use optic-fiber.
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  1. As you are probably aware 2 of those NOS (NT4 and 2000) are completely unsupported and the other will be unsupported in about 30 months. If you're going to standardise then I would suggest 2008 R2, but that all depends on whether your applications will still work with it and whether you have the hardware to run it.
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