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This same type of question was posted lately with no reply... so i'm posting again since I have same problem.

I'm building a P4 system and I can't get the system to POST. I have an RAIDMAX 400W power supply but on power up neither the power supply fan or the CPU fan works. However, I do get the green LED light on my Gigabyte board and the front of my Jupiter computer case... all those LEDs and lights were on.

Obviously some power is getting to the board, but since the fans aren't working, can I assume that the power supply is the problem? As a way to test the PS alone, should the PS fan run if the power supply unit is plugged in, turned on but not connected to anything? Or does the PS have to be plugged into the mobo in order for the PS to work?

Thanks for your help.

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  1. The power supply fan does not start spinning before it gets a power on signal from the motherboard (front switch). Double check that the power switch is connected to the right posts on the motherboard.
    The power getting to your board that makes the leds illuminate is the +5VSB (standby voltage) but this does not rule out a defective PSU.
    You can test the PSU alone. This <A HREF="" target="_new">link</A> shows the pinout of the ATX PSU connector. Note pin 14. When connected to ground this will start up the power supply. But you may need to load it with a couple of eg. harddrives.
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