Can't connect to the internet, kinda.

Okay so this is going to be a long post, bare with me, but I have no idea what else to do. I'm also not sure if this is the correct forum to be asking this.

Alright so my computer is custom built, I've had it since '09 and haven't had any problems. My stepdad got a new router, Netgear R6300, and my computer didn't have any problems with it at first. Well my parents moved the "family" computer from the living room to their room, along with unplugging the Netgear and moving it, I currently still live at home. That's when my problems began, all of a sudden my internet sucked. I could go online but it loaded forever and forget playing youtube videos. I tried to resolve it by looking it up but nothing seemed to work, and as time went on I could barely connect online at all. I decided to redo my windows 7, I should note that my windows 7 is an upgrade from xp. Well it didn't work, I thought well maybe I should redo the xp and then redo windows 7. Well that's where I'm at now, I'm currently getting error 80072EFE when I try to do windows update. It says I'm connected to the internet but my internet isn't working. When I go on IE it just constantly loads and sometimes I get the search engine to pop up, but if I try to download anything its download time is extremely long, and then it fails because it's taking too long to download.

Some other info: I'm on my laptop, it has no problem with the wireless connection to the router. To see if it is the router I plugged my computer into my modem, but it wants a isp username and password, which my stepdad is convinced it is my computer and hasn't given me info for it. Although seeing that my laptop is still working wirelessly, along with my family's other wireless devices, I don't think its the problem. I also updated the firmware on the Netgear because it needs firmware updates, again nothing. Not sure what else to do so if anyone can help I would be greatly appreciative.

Another note: I've tried typing ipconfig into the command prompt and it tells me my media is disconnected.
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  1. How is the computer connected to the router? Wireless? If so, move the computer closer and to the router and try again. What is the signal strength? It tells you media disconnected because your ethernet card is not being used, do an ipconfig /all command.
  2. Sorry forgot to add that, it is connected by an ethernet cable directly to the router.
  3. If you are getting media disconnected with a cable, try a new cable and/or a new port on the router. The jack on the computer could be bad also. Try it on a cable that another computer is known to have worked.
  4. I'll try that.. I have a feeling the jack might be bad, I have 2 jacks and it won't even recognize the other one never has.
  5. I fixed it, the ethernet cable was bad. I bought a new one and no problems, the only reason I didn't do that before I came on here is because my step-dad was convinced that wasn't it.
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