Wireless internet help please.

hello, so i have a WNDR3700v3 router and the computer that i am always on is my desktop which is plugged directingly into the router and modem and everything and my parents have a computer upstairs that using my wireless internet and ive had this router for about 7 mounths and everything has worked perfectly fine and oh yea we have that blockbusters thing that uses wireless internet too n it works fine everything worked fine but just 2 days ago we got netflix and my parents have the wii upstairs and thats when all the problems started, for some reason when my parents try using netflix when im on the computer on youtube or playing some online game like facebook games it wont let them find internet like it will be like internet connection not found but they will keep having to try over n over until it finally works like 1 out of every 4 trys it works or when it does work and they get to where you can selete the movies all the sudden it will stop working and its annoying as hell because my dad keeps calling asking me if im on a game or if something is next to my router that could be blocking it so any suggestiions would be very very much appreciated idk if my router settings are all screwed up or if its because i updated the newest version of firmware or what but please someone help! ty
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  1. so i was reading thru my manual about my router and it says i can connect wireless devices to my router like type them in on my computer? would that help anything because ive never done that but when my wii connects to the wireless internet and the computer upstairs connects to it it already shows on my attached devices and everything so i dont get what the difference is?
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