I have just switched to the Virgin Media Super Hup, to set up a wireless conection. Virgin Media were not a lot of help; and, after a two hour converstaion, it ended up with a vey nice lady in India, telling me that my computer did not have a wireless adapter!

So, I went out and bought a TP-LINK wireless N USB adapter and slotted it in. However, I now cannot see this new hardware on my computer stats. So, I don't know whether or not I've done the right thing. Can anyone tell me how I can check on this please?


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  1. Does it show in the device manager?
  2. how to use wifi connection
  3. Assuming you are using windows 7; Click the windows icon on the bottom left, right click computer, click properties
    In the links to the left click Device Manager.
    In the list of devices look for Network Adapters, unbranch it, see if the Make/Model for the device is listed.
    Make sure it doesn't have a red X or yellow ! symbol on it and it should be okay.

    If you like you can take a screenshot of your device manager and post it here and we can tell you more.
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