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can u pls help me how to get audio sounds and audio drivers for windows 8
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  1. Would help to know what audio hardware you have? What make/model mainboard if you are using onboard audio? It is hard to help when we can't tell what you are running.
  2. Windows 8 isn't even in beta. If your audio drivers are not working it means they likely won't work until beta or after. Trying to give support for a alpha stage operating system is a waste of time. As the likely problem your having is from the OS itself and not a problem on your end. Go back to your previous configuration to get your audio to work.
  3. While I agree with the eggbrooks general thought direction... it is a beta.

    You shouldn't expect to get drivers for it or use it as your primary OS however. In any case you need to go to the manufacturers site and see if they have bets windows 8 drivers. if not try the windows 7 drivers, they are supposed to work in most cases
  4. Windows 7 audio drivers should work in Windows 8.
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