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i hear the radio on my pc speakers, no fm card

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
February 8, 2004 10:26:31 AM

Either i'm going insane and hearing voices, or my speakers are picking up a radio or tv station.

The speakers are normally about 3 feet from my head. At that distance i can just hear ... something. Sorta sounds like if you left a radio on somewhere in the house. You can just tell its not just generic noise.

If i put my head right next to the speaker, aside from hearing a buzzing sound, i definitely hear what sounds like a radio station.

I'm not a big audiophile. I dont plan on getting a 5.1 or x.anything speaker setup since i'd be too lazy to properly mount the speakers anyhow right now. But i would like to get a decent set of your standard speakers.

Sound board i have is SB live if that matters.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what speakers i can get to silence the voices? :)  Or anything i can do with the existing set of speakers to quiet them?
February 8, 2004 8:14:11 PM

this is a common problem. in fact...i suffer from the same affliction. (i even pick up weird signals from my cell phone...i hear a nice buzz on my speakers right before an incoming call) the problem (sorry to say) comes from cheap speaker wires. what is happening is that your speaker wires are acting just like the antenna on your car, picking up all sorts of EM signals, and your speakers are amplifying this.
i suggest (if your speakers arent hard-wired) you take a trip down to Best Buy or something, and pick up some higher quality leads. hopefully you can find some that advertise come kind of shielding against EMI (electromagnetic interference) or RF (radio frequency) signals. if your speakers ARE hardwired, well, STILL take a trip down to Best Buy and ask the clerk what they have in stock that can help you out. if you dont want to spend any money you COULD move your speakers around, messing about with shortening or lengthing the leads to the individual speakers. im not confident this will avail your problem, though. my speaker leads are about 1 m long and i still pick up some EMI. the typical wavelength for an FM signal is on the order of a couple of if moving your speakers around doesnt work, at least you might just pick up a different station ;) 
February 8, 2004 9:04:45 PM

my speakers do the same thing with the cell phone as well. Get a slight buzz just before the phone rings.
The speakers are hardwired. I think perhaps i will take a trip to bestbuy (or where-ever) and see how much a new pair of speakers costs that arent hard wired. I've seen people mention getting a 5.1 set of speakers for under $100, so i'm sure i can find a basic pair of 2.1 (if thats the correct term) for not too much money.
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February 8, 2004 11:38:17 PM

merk, you can buy new speakers, but just so you dont unknowingly blow too much money, i do want to make sure you know that they make little clip-on things ( i cant remember what they are called "ferro-somethingsorother") that you can buy for less than $10. i would try those before buying new speakers if i were you.

good luck!
February 8, 2004 11:43:19 PM

what do they clip on to? the wires? I'll see if anyone in bestbuy knows what they are.
February 9, 2004 2:36:33 PM

yep. as far as i know they clip right on the wires. they act as some sort of inductive noise damper or something. i have never used them myself, but apparently they work. maybe someone else in the forum has used them?