New to Wireless Networking and having difficult time understanding it

I just created a new wireless network through Verizon modem/router for DSL. The modem/router are connected to a desktop computer via ethernet cable. I can connect to this network with my laptop, but cannot access the internet. Are there settings on my laptop that need to be changed? I could also use help setting up a new Brother wireless printer.....
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  1. First of all, call your ISP if you don't know anything about networking and continue at your own risk. They'll come out and help you (for a charge of course). The first thing you should check is if the lights for sending/receiving data are blinking. This means that its actually proving internet access for the network. If not, make sure everything is plugged in correctly and all the way. If you have a phone or wireless device other than your laptop and try connecting to it and see if it works then. This will rule out if it's your computer or the modem/router.

    Setting up your printer is fairly easy. Once you've configured the network for internet access first. Navigate through the computers interface and into the settings. You should see something like "network settings/setup" or something in that nature. If you can't find it, refer to the printers manual. Once you're in the settings browse for your network and connect to it. Enter the WPA/WEP key. Once it's connected, the next step is to install the printer drivers on your laptop. A CD should have accommodated your printer. If it's been lost or thrown away, simply google your printer brand and model drivers. Download and install.
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