Virgin Media Super Hub firmware upgrade ?

There I was sat in front of my computer this morning, with the internet working fine, then the next second later my virgin media super hub goes into reboot. Obviously this happens once a month as they rotate the IP address of the router.

Now I am very savvy with router setup so I guess I am ok, this is the thing though. After this little reboot Virgin media did.
It in fact wiped all of the settings of the router I had set up.
All went back to defaults.
I can only assume they Issued a firmware upgrade for the VM super hub in order for it to do this.
What I was most annoyed at was that there was no notification of the firmware upgrade.
And what is more worrying in there code of practice is its violating peoples security and privacy.
Wep is one of the weakest encryption systems to hack these days.

So if you find you cannot connect to your router via wireless its because the VM bunch have cocked it all up for you, if you changed your settings in the router VM has set them back to defaults. Anyone else noticed ????.
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  1. Virgin Media's default security level is WPA so if our router has gone down to WEP something is very wrong somewhere. If this was a widespread problem, there would be posts in Fora all over the Net - as it is, Virgin's own pages come up first, second and third in a Google search. Could there be some reason why only your router was targetted for a reset.
  2. Firstly I doubt it because I set the security up to wpa2-psk [Aes] encryption. And I know what the firmware revision of the Router was in its original state and the revision number has changed. Sorry but you got me wrong there thinking it was set to wep, or wpa. In
    It may be the case but the point is it reset the SSID, router login, and password plus the key to connect to the wireless Saga. back to defaults.
    You missed the point without doubt the only people who push firmware upgrades over the network will be VM. v37 is due soon to a select trial of people who signed up to try the new firmware if you take a look. the point is as I stated the firmware upgrade factory restores the router after its upgrade, should VM not be warning people about this. Because of what I have explained.
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