Win 8 will not install please help

First time poster and builder please help!!!

So here is my problem.
I built the machine and trying to install win 8.
Got the boot cd.

Everything starts loading.
Getting files ready for installation
Installing features
Installing updates
Finishing up.

Restart in 10,9,8 .....

Computer starts restarting and never comes back up online. The fans are spinning, the lights are glowing and nothing. I push the reset button and begin installing again, but same problem.

Just noticed something: it tries to restart but eventually fans go quite and It just stays in the same state.

Anorher thing I noticed: when it says getting devices ready it only gets up to 32% then starts rebooting (never finishes)

Anothongnthing just noticed: it stayed quite for about 10 minutes then spun up again and Wendy back to dead mode. Nothing showed up on screen. Only PSU makes a small clicking noice once in a while

I got the intel ssd 330 series 180gb

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  1. with new build and windows 8 make sure you have the newest bios file installed on your mb. also in your bios make sure the ram speed is set right. if it an intel mb make sure xmp profile is turned on. if the system still hangs try using the onboard video..pull the gpu and install windows 8 and see if it reboots fine.
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