Problems installing OS onto new SSD

Hello, So I built a new PC (first time builder) and surprisingly there were no issues installing any of the hardware components, and everything has been going well so far.... until it was time to install the windows 7 OS. The installation approached 99% and then it asked for the product activation key and it did not work. After researching the issue online, I found that I was using a windows 7 'upgrade' disk rather than an actual full license for Windows 7. Luckily, I had only paid $10 for the disk at my school as part of a student discount. So now I have the 99% complete install present on the computer and when I boot up the system it brings me straight to where I need to enter in the product key, which is always not going to work.

This morning I purchased the Window 7 home premium edition OEM 64 bit for $99 on newegg, (I realize that it is tied to the unique mobo in my computer). My question is that can I format my SSD now to remove all the previous installation windows 7 upgrade junk before I install the OEM version, or will it bring me straight back to the screen where I need to enter the product key again for the upgrade version? Will the copy that I ordered recognize that it is a different version of Windows 7 and prompt me to format my ssd before the install?

I should add, that I attempted to install a copy of windows XP from a dead system that I own, however it did not work because I believe it was an OEM version of XP for that system (old Gateway) as well so there is a bunch of junk from that install that I wish to clear.

I guess this is partially my fault for assuming the OS installation would be relatively straightforward compared to whole process of spec'ing out the system and the actual assembly. The hardware components of the PC were $1000, and I find that the OS alone now costing $110 is a bit ridiculous (considering all the other things have went so well!).


Any help/advice is appreciated!
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  1. With your new installation DVD you can do a 'clean install'.

    You'll do a Custom (advanced) installation.

    How to Do a Clean Installation with Windows 7
  2. Hi

    It should be possible to install an upgrade Win 7 without entering the keys during the installation
    but you must select correct version (home starter, home basic, home premium, professional, ultimate & enterprise)

    If the Windows install fails to complete fully then you may have a hardware problem!

    Then from Windows insert upgrade DVD and install Windows 7 again this time add drivers for chipset, graphics, sound etc
    This is only legal if you have a copy of earlier Windows disk and are installing on a new hard disk instead of upgrading over earlier Windows Vista or XP


    Mike Barnes
  3. machine67891234 said:
    This morning I purchased the Window 7 home premium edition OEM 64 bit for $99 on newegg,
    I guess you're still waiting on delivery?

    You can speed things up doing a clean install with a copy of Win7 you can download and burn to a DVD yourself.

    Microsoft Windows Downloads
    (Even though the links are hosted in a Dell support forum they're the standard Microsoft .iso images and not Dell specific.)

    When it comes to the Product Key screen just use the Next button and you'll start a 30 day trial period.
  4. I ran into a similar problem after purchasing a new SSD and trying to install the "Upgrade" version of Windows 7. All you have to do is call Microsoft and tell them your situation and they will guide you through the activation process.
  5. Thanks folks for your responses - I never imagined getting tripped up by this.

    Yes I am waiting for the DVD to come in (ordered this morning). When I boot from my dvd drive, with the upgrade version of windows in it recognizes that the installation is a work in progress, and doesn't give me the option to perform a custom install again that appeared initially. It basically brings me right to the screen where I name my computer, then to the screen where I need to enter in my product key.

    I guess my concern is that when the new copy arrives in the mail, it will bring me to the same screen without giving me the option to perform the clean install again, effectively locking me out until I figure out some way to format the drive and start from scratch...
  6. You will have the option of doing a format:
  7. the only reqiurement to use upgrade medium is to hold a full retail version.

    simply trick

    clone old hdd to sdd, then install windows by booting from upgrade disk

    go through the custom install
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