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I have a Ricoh printer hiding on a Dlink DIR-655 with a address. This gateways to, which is a Westell DSL modem. I need to allow wireless accounts on the Westell modem to communicate with, and only with, the Ricoh printer. Is this possible?
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  1. under the printer properties check the port configuration for the port number usually port 9100.

    make sure the DLink has a static IP on the WAN side of it like

    then do a port forwarding in the DLink of port 9100 to IP

    on the Westell network print to the DLink IP and you should be printing
  2. I'm having a dumb day so let me tell you how I followed those directions, and you can correct me.

    I checked the Dlink, and it was using dhcp to establish a wan address. I've changed that to Static.

    I then established port forwarding for port 9100 (i checked) on the Ricoh ip address (10.101)

    I then connected to the westell network and tried to create a standard tcp/ip port printer on 1.42 and after answering a few more questions, including putting in the correct driver, I am faced with a "document failed to print" error when I print the test page.

    I did put in the authentication code.
  3. I think you did it right. maybe something in the Dlink. I got it to work on my linksys

    another way to would be a print server like this USB one if the printer has a USB port to connect it to the Westell network directly
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