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2 Routers, one is an internal network and the other has internet acces

November 17, 2012 2:19:38 AM

how there,
ive a bit of a strange question..
ive 2 networks here, one is wired, internal, no internet access, just folder sharing.. call it network A

ive another network thats for internet access and not for folder sharing, not wired (wifi only).. call it B

on network A (internal) theres a stream running on it.. i want to send this stream to a friend to listen to but theres no wifi.

is it possible, using a spare pc i have.. via ethernet, connect to the internal network A and play the stream via media player / winamp etc.. and then to grab whats on the sound card and send it via wireless via network B to my friend?

I cant merge / bridge the routers as they are not mine.
im litrally restricted to recieving it via ethernet and sending it via wifi..

problem is, im not so sure how to go about it, or if it can even be done!

Thanks in advance for your help.