Do i need a modem to connect a wireless router

i have a cable line internet connection on my desktop.i want to share this connection to my mobile and laptop through wireless question is which is the best router for this purpose
: netgear n 150 or belkin n 150 ?do i need a modem to be connected with router?
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  1. Well since your desktop is already connected then you probably already have a modem or router. Follow the cable connecting the desktop to find out what device you already have. Either way a wireless router will give you the wireless for the mobile and laptop.
    My question is why would you want to get an N150 router and not an N300? The N150 routers and adapters are not alot cheaper than the N300 models and offer half the speed. N150 is a draft N class device, which means that they were sold as wireless N before the N class was certified at 300Mbps.
    If you need any suggestions I would be glad to help!
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