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Hi, i am using Dell Vostro (3550) with windows 7 home basic. the color of my monitor was okay but now it is dull (lacks the bright color). I remember having adjusted the 'brightness' from control panel. But not the color. I want to increase the color but cant. All i get is adjust brightness from windows mobility tab. When I start the computer the original color is displayed for a second but then gets back to low color. How can i manage the color? I AM QUITE AT A LOSS. being a layman i don't have any idea. I may have accidentally done something. Please help. Thanks in advance. (color calibration is of no help)
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  1. Adjust the color with the monitor. the Monitor should have some buttons. Click the menu and then tab over to settings.

    If your asking for a new Monitor, try LED, they have good color quality
  2. thanks for the reply . the monitor has not got any external buttons . The laptop has only webcam and mic on the panel (or bezel is it!). every control is only through the "control panel". ati radeon 6630 too doesnot have the color control.
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