My internet icon has a yellow exclamation on it and I have tried everything from unplugging the router and restarting my laptop and also updating drivers .... Can you please tell me what I can do ?
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  1. Hello,

    First off find your wireless router - now look at the back of it and press the reset switch - you might need a tootpick to do so.

    Now - plug your computer in directly to your internet connection and find the model name and number of your wireless router - find the default IP address and user name and password.

    Open up your browser and enter the IP of your wireless router - and username and password.

    Once inside set up WPA 2 with a decent password you can remember.

    Now place your cable back on the router and connect wirelessly with the password you gave it.

    If you don't have a wireless router - sorry we cannot help you - as well it may be illegal to hijack someone else's WIFI signal in your area.
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