Should I upgrade my network?

I am currently running a Linksys BEFCMU10 modem and WRT54G, I have been sent to work from home for the past couple of months and seem to get bad signal from three rooms away / directly two walls away, probably 50-75 feet, 100 max. I seem to get anywhere between 78-60% signal strength. It will some times just go slow as crap and then work fine. I am wondering should I get a new modem and router altogether, only new modem, or just get another WRT54G and set it up as a repeater? I do currently have the most update to date DD-WRT installed and tweaked it around, but nothing really seems to help.

Another thing is my personal desktop that is hooked wired up to that router in that room does have a gigabit lan on the Mobo, I know that the WRT54G is not gigabit, but would I be able to add a switch or something to give me gigabit lan?
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  1. Total conversion to an N spec network would help.New router and N spec adapters would be needed for the computers to take advantage of the better speed and range.
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