How to connect my laptop to my computer?

My laptops screen wires recently ripped out of the chip thing and I lost a LOT of important files and such.

My first question is: If I bought a laptop wire to connect it to my computer, would I need to download, or click on anything from my laptop to transfer things? Obviously I wouldn't be able to do so if my screen doesnt show.

Question 2: Would my laptop screen show up on my computer? and what would this wire be called? I'm very inexperienced with this stuff!
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  1. Buy a external enclosure for a 2.5" drive like what you have in your laptop. Sata or whatever. remove the drive from your laptop, install it in the enclosure, and connect it to your computer. Go to the place that has your important files and copy them to your computer.

    You can also plug a monitor into many laptops. When it discovers the monitor it MIGHT show display on the monitor. It might not, though, so your best bet would be to save the hard drive, and then assess if it's economical to have a technician replace the broken parts in the laptop.
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