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Hi, I need some help on 'limiting bandwith'. I don't really have knowledge about it but I heard it can speed up the Internet connection. Here's the thing, I have a router, my sister and uncle always use the Internet and it rises the ping whenever I starts playing games. So, i really want to favor my computer to have a better Internet connection.

My router's model is TL-WR941ND. I tried typing the ip address on the browser and typed the username and password. It got me in but I have no idea how to set the bandwith control.

Edit: oh and, I tried to find my Ip address in and it shows a different ip address when i type 'ipconfig' in command prompt. What's the difference?

Sorry for my bad english.
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  1. Your router does not really have that ability. First you need to test and see about how much bandwidth you really have during the times you play. Then you must manually divide this. For example say you have 10m and you want to dedicate 8m to your machine. You would need to put a rule in that says the IP addresses used by the other machines are limited to 2m. The problem is this limit is all the time it does not let them use the extra when you are not playing.

    Your IP addresses are different because one is the real address and the other is the address you use in your private network. Your router translates this.

    Because you do not understand this basic concept I would recommend you get some help to configure your router bandwidth control, you have to have a good understanding of ip addresses,subnet masks and things like static dhcp settings.
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