Almost done bulidng my network...Am I missing anything

New to the forums and looking for some advice. Almost done building my house, it's going to be ready in the next couple weeks. Wanted to list out what I'm going to be getting just to make sure there wasn't anything that I might be missing.

I have all the network (CAT5/CAT6) and coax cable ran into the basement to a plywood board now. I will mount everything there. Below is what I have thought of, not where I'm going to purchase or necessarily the items, just figured I could find it all at Amazon.

Suggestions welcome...

Router: Will be on 1st floor running to switch in basement

Wireless Ap: Not sure I'll need this but was going to run this on 2nd floor if needed

Cable Splitter

Keystone Jacks: No particular type unless one is recommended. CAT 5 and CAT6


CAT5 patch panel: Probably wont do a phone line so possibly extra network ports

Power Strip:

CAT6 patch panel:

Going with an HTD lync-6 system and have wired for the speakers and keypads all going to the living room. The router will be in the living room and everything else above will be in the basement. Will be adding an HTPC for the living room and run everything to a server in the basement. Got lots to learn there so it might be awhile before that is done.

What am I missing?
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    yep it seems to be all there
  2. Emerald said:
    yep it seems to be all there

    Thanks much
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  4. I don't understand how there can be a difference between a Cat5 and Cat6 patch panel. All the patch panel does is connect the pins on the RJ45 to the wires through copper. Maybe the pins are slightly thicker since Cat6 uses 22AWG wire? Honestly, you're never going to get near gigabit speeds to justify spending more for a Cat6 patch panel rather than Cat5. Same goes for the wiring, although Cat6 wire is more resistant to noise.

    Also, I don't know how your house is being built, but I have about 5 of these in different rooms all over my house:

    I think you get better speeds overall with more lower-powered access points than with just one or two higher-powered access points. Plus the Jack Packs look great when installed and it doesn't protrude from the wall.
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