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Is there any free software to clean up Windows 7 like ATF Cleaner for Windows XP. I just need it clean up Temp Files, Cookies, Cache, and Recycle Bin to free up memory.
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  1. CCleaner

    Edit: You can also delete Windows restore points. CCleaner will not let you delete the last restore point. This will free few gigs and still be safe.
  2. there is ccleaner available at best bet.
  3. Thank you gentlemen!
  4. +1 CCleaner from link above. Also use it to disable some unneeded startup programs/uninstall stuff -- its amazing how much crap you accumulate through installs and "updaters".
  5. CCleaner is a very good tool. Please note that you can do the basic cleanups that you listed by running Window's built in Disk Cleanup utility. This can be run on a particular drive by right clicking on the drive in My Computer and selecting Properties -> Disk Cleanup
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  7. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    +1 for CCleaner

    Advanced SystemCare Free is from CNet and we know how they install unwanted programs on your PC

    Glary had a broken link

    +1 for WinUtilities. Never used this one and after downloading it it's quite good.

    +1 for JetClean
  8. Glary link seems to work!
  9. +1 for CCleaner
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