How to connection computers with each other without internet?

i want to ask you that can we connection number of computers with each other without internet connection to share the files an so on.
If yes than how?please help?
I have to built a software that will run on computers but through it we can have chat also.
But is this possable without internet?
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    If they are in the same location within a few hundred feet of each other all you need is a switch. If you need wireless then you will most likely be best off running a router just because it is cheaper than buying a switch with wireless.

    Now if you mean want to connect with people that are at farther away then its mostly no you need internet. ....Of course you can do it like a business does and buy a private network between all the location but you best have lots of money
  2. I am doing computer science at university,My idea is that i should connect all the computers of my departments.
    We have for computer labs i want to connect all those computers without internet.
    Actually i have to create software with that i want to create a connection to share files ides and chat also.
    so is this possible?
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  4. Yes these all computers are in the same location in single department.
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