Windows 8, New VAIO i7, Norton 360, no keyboard or touchpad


After my computer shut down following a Norton 360 install (all patches downloaded, 17 Feb 2013) I've lost keyboard functionality, the touchpad, and the USB ports (wireless mouse). I can use the function key to change the video output (Fn F7) and to put the system to sleep (Fn F12). No other keys work. I can't get it to go into the BIOS (or don't know how) and I can't get a cursor to appear.

When booting, I can only get to a screen with a clock, an icon showing wireless connectivity and a battery/power hookup.

There is nothing plugged in and no other mods other than I just installed Norton 360 2013.

Please help...
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  1. dont use norton its crap
    try turning the pc on in safe mode by pressing f8 and select safe mode with networking
    it sounds like your usb drivers got corrupted. to get the drivers go to the manufacturer's webside and type in your model number
  2. Alvine, thanks. I got into the safe mode (I guess this was safe mode for Windows 8 -- who knows what it looks like) by pressing F8 during the boot process. Then I proceeded through the menus to do a Computer Refresh (it saves files but deletes added programs).

    So, I get my cursor and keyboard back, but lose all the other work I've done in setting up new programs (applications????). My next call out will be to Norton to ask them why the 2013 Norton 360 doesn't work so well with Windows 8.

    If anybody has any info on how to install Norton 360 over Windows so it works, please let me know.
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