Power supply!??!

My power strip says im plugged into a faulty outlet. Ive crashed my computer 7 times since ive been plugged into this outlet, ive had to reformat evertytime cause the computer completely locks up and wont let me do anything but get into my bios. Also this only happens while im playing unreal 2003 or icewind dale 2, i can play serious sam all day and not have a problem. I know right when it happens cause i get major static coming through my speakers out of nowhere and the system will lock up shortly after unless i shut it down ASAP. Should i buy a line conditioner with battery backup? Are those games sucking more juice somwhow? Please help before i spend any money. Thanks.

AMD Athlon 1900xp
Windows XP Professional
1.5 DDR Ram
52x creative cd
40 Hard Drive
Radeon 8500 128mb version
creative 5.1 speaker system
soundblaster audigy.
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  1. And it doesnt crash plugged into some other wall outlet?
    The way you describe the symptoms it could be a number of things, from dirty wall power to a software/hardware conflict or even a poor PSU.

    If you wish to check the quality of you PSU, install Motherboard Monitor 5 and observe your voltages while at idle then under full load gaming. Any fluctuations or significant dips on the 5v or 12v line indicate a poor PSU.

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  2. I have to admit, my 3.3v rail fluxs more than the 5 or 12.

    But the absolute bottom line here is your rails should *NEVER* drop below their nominal voltages. If your 3.3v is putting out 2.28v, then there a problem.

    And remember the mainboard sensors can be off quite a bit. Not more than .5v, but very likely .2v.

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