LiteOn Vs Pioneer.

A Subjective comparison between the Pioneer 106S slot loading 16x dvd drive and the Liteon 16x tray loading drive.

Recently my poor overused 106S stopped reading DVD's, so it was time for a new drive. I got the liteon, so i was then able to compare the two.

<b>Appearance/Mechanical aspects</b>
Both look good, allthough ive allways been a sucker for the coolness factor of the slot loader. The pioneer also loads faster, with less 'wierd' noises. The tray on the liteon comes out a bit wobbly, and the disk makes a plastic on plastic skidding noise when spinning up. The tray mechanism uses all gears, no rubber bads, so it wornt wear out.
Physical size is also significant different, with the pioneer drive being approx 1.5 inches longer. Could be a problem in a very cramped case.

The liteon is a little quieter at full spin, but not by much. Playing a dvd is definately quieter as it seems to spindown to 1x. DVD ripping noise is slightly better on the liteon. The 106S is quieter loading however, and lacks the plastic skid noise on spinup.

<b>Direct dvd file reading - Both drives are basically the same, getting up to around 12-13x. Its possible the liteon is slightly faster, but its not noticalbe in normal operations.
<b>DVD ripping - The liteon is a little faster, getting up to around 8x on my iceage dvd using smartripper. The pioneer probably gets around 7.5x give or take fluctuations.
<b>CD-DAE ripping</b> - Liteon definately wins here, although with a few unusual glitches. The 106S starts ripping at around 8x and climbs rapidly to 16x where it stops due to a firmware limitation. 16x is maintained for the rest of the media. The liteon starts at around 6-8x and climbs up to approx 42x at around 90% of the cd disk, but then it gets wierd as it pauzes for up to 10 seconds then resumes reading at a reduced speed of 5 to 17x, then another shorter pause and another speed reduction and another.
This significantly lowerers the average rip speed. Pioneer av. rip speed 16x, liteon 25x.
I also noticed the liteon drive is able to correctly copy scratched cd media better than the pioneer.

Both are good drives, however performance wise the liteon is somewhat better, give or take the odd behavior at the end of ripping CD's.
I also DO NOT like the noise the liteon drive makes upon spinup... it sounds very much like the disk sliding around in the plastic tray before being "picked up" by the drive mechanism.

<b>A.</b> The pioneer drive had to be replaced at 1 year and 1.5 months of age because it stopped reading DVD disks. Upon insersion of a DVD it just kept making bad Brrr Brrr noises and continually seeking. It could still read CD's erfectly. A cd/dvd cleaning disk did not help.
<b>B.</b> The liteon drive also is making my HDD light display dvd drive activity now. The pioneer drive never did this. The Liteon drive was jumpered as master and made the Secondary Master, exactly where the pioneer drive was.

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  1. Hi, I have a Liteon LTD163 DVD also, and just upgrade the firmware to GH5Q which is the newest one. But I still remain the same old problem which is the region problems.

    But after upgrade the firmware, the drive already unlock, but when I try to load some dvd, its still say unknown format about the DVD, is there any solution that can solve this.

    Thank you very much,

  2. Beats me. Ive only ever used region 4 DVD's, so ive never bothered with region free patches or firmware flashes.

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  3. What a nice review! Regarding the glitches in CD DAE, could it be due to scratched disk? Did you test it with different types of CDs (ie. pressed CDs, CDR, CDRW...)? I've also heard of the slowdown problem in those Liteon drives before, but not as bad as in your case.
  4. Victor,

    Upgrading the firmware to GH5Q alone does not make your drive RPC-1 region free. Have you applied the patch utility to your drive as well?
  5. The CD i used was brand spanking new, with zero visible scratches or pits.

    Will try a few others soon.
    Its possible it could also be the software i use, but till now its been very good & fast

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  6. CD-DAE.

    Depending on which disk i tried ripping i got different results.
    All of them started at 6-8x, followed by a rapid spin up to full rotational speed (quite loud!) and thus a gradual rip speed increase.

    I manage to improve things by increasing the sector size read to max of 55.

    One cd got up to 35x @ 55% before kicking down to 27x then slowly ramping back up to 32x.
    Another did multiple ramp downs,
    6x -> 42x @ 77% down to 30x, average rip speed 28%
    then again @ 91% down to 19x then again at 95x down to 8x for average rip speed of 26x
    another disk didnt ramp down at all, a shorter one that got up to 35x.

    I Must emphasise the speed of those spinning discs... full bore for most of the media...

    I also tried 1 CD i KNEW the pioneer had trouble reading due to a visible surface flaw. The liteon read it with no problems.

    Regarding kickdown times, most were in the order or 1 to 2 seconds. A couple of times it didnt stop reading, meerly slow down.
    only with one disk did it do the extensive 10 second slowdown.

    Am going to firmware patch the drive soon. See if that make a difference.

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  7. Just did the firmware flash. Went without a hitch. It fixed the DVD/HDD led activity problem.
    Performance the same, maybe a shade quicker on the speed slowdowns while doing DAE.

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  8. Please tell me How and Where to get and do the patch utility? Is very important to me..thanks a lot~!!

  9. Thanks for the review. I was going to get a Pioneer DVD and now I think I will get a Lite On DVD instead.
  10. Well do.
    For some reason the official liteon page was useless, with no clickable links! :mad:
    This page has em i think.
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
    Just make sure you flash the correct firmware

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  11. Or try this site...

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
  12. I've bought two 163d's, and have 1 166s.

    The 163's I'm very, very happy with. The little bit I've used the 166s pulls even better than the 163's. I've not ripped any audio yet. Seeing how I (think) I've got a bad vid card, further testing is on the back burner. Even if it's a mainboard, RMA's suck.

    Bottom line: LiT3()nI7 OwNz j00 4LL!!!!!!!!!

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  13. I wonder what the odds are. I started out with a Pioneer 16x tray and later bought a LO 16x tray. What a kawinkydink. I ain't never put both drives in the same system so a direct comparison would not be fair. The LO was dirt cheap from newegg and has been good, fast and cheap. I paid quite a bit more for the Pioneer so for my money the LO has been the better drive. For reviews of both drives go to <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> See: hardware/dvd-rom/dvd-rom roundup vol2.

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  14. *nods*
    A statistical sample of 1 aint very big, thats why im not drawing any reliablility judgments from the pioneer 106S.
    It dying after 1 year and 1 month could be just bad luck. It DID get alot of use though :smile:

    I would have to agree with your assesment. Regarding Bang for Buck ratio the liteon comes out ahead. Its faster reading cd's, doing dae and slightly better reading DVD's, and in Australia i can find one for $79, compared to $95 for the 116 (tray) or $105 for the 106S (slot).

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