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I need to find the static ip range of my router. How do I do this?
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  1. Like most routers, your router is probably set to a default /24 network, with .1 as the gateway and .255 as the broadcast channel, so .2 to .254 are initially available, minus already used addresses.

    You need to open your router configuration pages and find what static addresses are already assigned and what range the DHCP service has available and should not be used for static addresses. For example if your gateway is, figure out what addresses from .2 to .254 are already used for either static addresses or allotted to the DHCP service (dynamic reserved addresses are within the DHCP range and not available except to the specific device so consider them used too); then the remaining addresses are still available for static assignment.

    Your router manual is a good start on which pages to use to find the information on your specific router.
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