D-Link DIR-600 LAN slow while Wifi fast

Hi everyone this is my first post,

Hopefully i dont duplicate thread, but i couldnt find a solution to my problem.

Here is my problem:

I have a 10 Mbps Internet connection, if I connect my PC directly to my modem I get the 10Mbps sometimes more, also I get them if I connect my modem to my switch and from the switch the computer.

The problem comes when I connect my modem to the D-link DIR-600 router and from the RJ-45 connectors of the D-link I connect my computer, i get 0.80, 1.5 max. and my wifi devices gets the 10mbps.

Can you guys figure what is happening with the D-link RJ-45 slots or im missing something in the configuration?

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  1. It sounds like the LAN ports are defective, have you tried the others or just port 1? You might look to see if there is a firmware update for your router that could address the issue.

    I assume that you are using the same cables so that is not the issue, and your other connections have tested the computer adapter card and router WAN port.
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