Best Lomac movie ever.

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Some french guys made this video. I think its the funniest lomac video ever.
You make up your own mind.
Think "Starsky and Hutch" ..............Get it here...

There are one or two hoops to jump through, but it is well worth it,
honestly. see below

Instructions...... : The Bensky and Mutch video is divided into four files
which could be decompressed with WINRAR

Just click on the first file ".exe", then the video would be rebuilt.
The subtitles files provided below are to be used with BS PLAYER version
1.22 (Free to use)

Save the subtitle file with the same name as the video file, with a .srt
extension. Just drop them in the same directory as the video

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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    In article <ch9de.52529$>, (Ste)

    > I think its the funniest lomac video ever.

    Yup. Well worth the download IMO. Great work.

    Andrew McP
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