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I'm an average user when it comes to sound and was wondering how does AC97 Realtek ALC650 6-channel sound chip that comes on most motherboards these days compare to Audigy. I assume Audigy has the edge, but how noticable is it. I'll use my sound card for mp3s, games & some movies.

Is it worth buying the Audigy, be as detailed as possible pls.
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  1. What speaker do you have? If you do not use a good speaker then you will not notice any difference.
  2. At the moment I'm using monitor mounted speakers but will buy Altec ATP 5 or Logitech Z540 5-Piece speaker system (haven't decided yet) in the immediate future (so this is what you should base your answer on).
  3. How much does sound mean to you. If you're just a regular user the AC97 is fair enough, and IMHO you should question whether the money could be better spent elsewhere. The Audigy would give you EAX, but unless you're hard core about games and their sound it's really not worth it.
    You're asking about how noticeable the difference is? How good are your ears? I would say that if Audigy gets 100 points, the AC97 gets 80-85. A lot of money to spend for little gain in other words.


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  4. i am from china, there's a lot of fans of hardware here,some of them are expert at OC.
    I am fond of MP3 and the sondcard i use is SB AWE64 GOLD,
    I bought it from a second-hand market and the sound quality
    is really terrific~~i consider CREATIVE not a well producer
    of the speaker,in china ,the band Edifier is well-known as the brilliant quality of the sound, and the HI-VI is famous
    of the world~~
  5. I'm more and more inclined to drop Audigy but haven't decided 100 % yet. R there any Audigy users here who have AC97 and tried them both?
  6. Thanx for your answers (pls keep them coming). I was just wondering how does AC97 compare to the SB Live! Value (it's the card I have at the moment).
  7. Come on ppl doesn't any1 have any further info for me :(
  8. I have both. Audigy sound card, ALC650 sound on my Asus A7V8X. The Audigy is slightly better if you have good quality speakers, and probably uses a fraction less CPU time. In truth though, there's only one reason it's still in my system, and that's because I haven't managed to get the microphone input to work properly on my mainboard, something I use on a weekly basis. I've heard this may be because in 6-speaker AC97, some boards switch the mic for use as another output (I haven't figured out how it would do this or if so, how to change it yet), but until then, my Audigy is still in the system. If you aren't using the mic, and you aren't doing any high-quality recording/playbac (that is, you're playing games only) the ALC650 works just fine and dandy.
  9. Thanx!!! :)
  10. After having been through multiple soundcards, ranging from Creative's Live and Hercules Game THeatre XP, I've gone to using AC97 off my trusty ol' mobo. Sound quality is surprisingly near par to these "professional" cards. The main reason I'm using the AC97 is because my other sound cards stopped functioning correctly due to cheap construction. I'm using a professional headset from Bose as my choice in hearing audio, and I can barely discern the difference in sound quality between the AC97, Hercules, and Live cards. Since most users here will tell you the Hercules is better than the Audigy, I'd just say stick with AC97 and spend the money elsewhere.
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