Does linux support directx?

If so,what do I have to do to make it actived?
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  1. No. DirectX is purely microsoft. OpenGL is the standard in linux.

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    No, not really. However a friend of mine got a bunch of games (including Jedi Knight 2) running with the codeweavers plugin for wine...however you pay for it. Also, you'll really need a GeForce2 at least with the newest linux drivers installed.
  3. Not really. However, TransGaming has released WineX, a fork of Wine that emulates DirectX to some degree.

    The native 2D accel API is the XFree86 libraries (like Xlib, Xft, etc. etc.). The native 3D accel API is OpenGL. The SDL libraries are supposed to be the standard for everything else, but they're not solidly rooted like OpenGL.

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