Win8 shortcuts question.

So I do not have Windows 8,but based on what I've seen it is easier to have lots of shortcuts

So can I make shortcuts to emulators?
Open .gba file and that opens emulator with game I selected.

Can I do the same with .ISO games?
They are used for more than games,(PC game disk/installs/software)

Will I be able to make a shortcut that opens a .ISO(gamecube game) with the emulator I use?WITHOUT changing the default application for .ISO.
Is their such a shortcut?

If I confused you,tell me to clear things up :)
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    Windows 8 desktop acts exactly like windows 7. The only way is default apps.
  2. I thought maybe running some script it could be possible?
  3. First illegally downloading games is not supported on Toms.

    Most emulators allow you to open the game file from within the emulator.
  4. Not really asking how to get them,but sorry nonetheless :(
    I learned how already though.

    Put the files location in the target box after the location of the shortcut.

    Example in the target of the shortcut.

    C:\software.exe C:\
    Now it will open target you select.

    That's if anybody needs it :)
  5. Yeah you have to get an app. Look up something like app maker and make a shortcut app. For the gamecube just navigate to the iso file and tell it to open iso files from that specific shortcut to open with your emulator.
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