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I am currently looking for answer to a problem that I cant seem to resolve.

I have a asus n56u router and i have a pci-e n15 wireless adapter both have latest drivers and firmwares. The issue I am having is that randomly the router will drop the wan connection and random but it will still say I am connected. Now the firmware I am using is RT-N56U_3.0.0.4_260, this one is causing the abnormal speed slowness and wan disconnects. I have tried all the settings auto,N, Legacy, 20hz, auto, 40hz you get the idea.

I want to know if there is anything I could have missed that is causing these random slow down and these disconnects?

any advice would greatly be appreciated
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  1. same problem still not resolved
  2. I'm currently using older version because newest version are not good enough at this moment.
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