Internet suddenly unusable. Help!

Just got a new router last week (2Wire 3801 HGV) and since then my internet has been REALLY slow.

I have no idea what's causing this. I pay for 18 down/1 up and according to pingtest these are my current results:

Can someone please help me figure out why this is happening so I can find a possible solution?

Just in case you need to know I have ATT U-Verse and I live in Los Angeles.

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  1. What you're showing there isn't a speed test.

    Try this one and post the results:
  2. That's abysmal. Does this represent direct connect or wireless? If wireless then switch to direct connect and retest.
  3. This is a direct connection via ethernet.
  4. In that case you need to get a tech out to check the lines.
  5. Your Uverse bandwidth is also allocated to your TV and phone (if you have them). They could be degrading your speedtest score. You can try disconnecting them and see what your score is. However, what your score shows, and what you say your package is, don't add up. You need to contact your ISP.
  6. I've contacted them and all they say is reset your router. They are saying they will send a technician to give me a new router but they already did that last week. I'm thinking I should just switch from U-Verse to Time Warner.
  7. They will always blame the customer equipment. Keep on them to get a tech out there and actually check the lines.
  8. Was just on the phone with tech and told them they have 2 hours to fix my internet or they are losing a long time ATT customer. Lets see what happens.
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