Connecting two houses non line of sight, >1 mile away

My entire life i've had really terrible internet, I've switched around and am currently using Verizon LTE, which is decent speed (for me at least), but its also $80 a month to get 10GB's of usage. My grandparents have an unlimited 16 megabit connection which they never use. They live roughly a quarter mile away, but the majority of the quarter mile is solid trees. I've seen antennas and things that claim up to 18 miles and such, what would be the best option for my situation? Also, how much can i expect to spend, and how stable will the connection be? Any help is greatly appreciated, i don't want to spend money on something that won't work or is massive overkill.
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  1. There are a number of systems that will go long way. Pretty much a outdoor bridge and a 24db gain antenna on both ends. Maybe $250 total. I ran this almost a 1/2 mile and could get 20m out of it.

    This would be great news if you had clear line of site and could mount it on the roof of each building. The trees will eat your signal. You are going to need towers on both ends. I put in a 30ft self supporting tower on one end, the tower cost me about $400 but I spent another $500 on concrete. You might have to go to 60ft just the towers cost $1000 and who knows how much concrete.
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