2.4 Ghz vs 5Ghz

ok im not sure about this at all, so feel free to ask any thing needed to clear things up!

this is about my wireless network at home. my DVD- BLUE RAY player streams wireless, and my gaming PC is wireless too... and in my bed room im going to setup a tv and 2nd DVD- BLUE RAY player and laptop soon. ( i have a large 1 bed room apt )
my network is made of a Netgear CMD31T Modem and a Netgear N600 WNDR3400v2 2.4 Ghz an 5 Ghz dual band Router, PC has a Zonet wireless pci adapter that runs or the 2.4 ghz Chanel on my Router at 130 Mbps ....

so here it is my friend told me my gaming Pc could do a lot better if i changed to a 5Ghz wireless pci x adapter or dual band Adapter....
as you can see i think im already getting great internet speeds...
would i see improvements going to a 5Ghz wireless adapter?????
i don't do a lot of file sharing form pc to pc... but i do a lot of down loading and pc gaming......

thanks any help would be nice......

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    Most likely not. This is like asking if I put a bigger engine in my car will it go faster. Sure it will if you are on a private track without the police following you, on the main highway it will still only go the speed limit.

    The ISP is always the bottleneck. You can test by directly plugging into the router and see if there is any difference between wired speed and wireless.

    5G itself goes exactly as fast as 2.4g when running N with mimo and wide channels. The key here is more to force your router to ONLY support N mode. If you run G/N mixed mode it will run slower. Some people think 5G runs faster but that could be because 5G does not support mixed mode.
  2. In addition to what john-b691 said, 2.4ghz has better penetration (walls and such) while 5Ghz has better range. It's a trade off.
  3. to hell with it, i just hard wired in... better for online gaming any ways.....
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