Router Recommendation Needed! Also, Question on Home Setup.


Two Part question here!

First, I'm looking to replace a barely function router that is spiting out an amazing 1526 ms on Speed Test. I have spent hours with support and they told me it would be best to replace it. So I agree. It seems I have terrible luck finding good wireless networking products, so please help. xD I'm looking for a router that is reliable, compatible with Xbox LIVE, proven to be liked by users (AKA good reviews), and most importantly good support that won't charge you for support after warranty. I'm looking around a $110 budget there, trying not to push any more than that. I'm in USA, probably buying from MicroCenter.

Secondly, a question more for my father as I don't know the answer for it. My dad seems to be sold on this idea that we could plug a router upstairs that create a wireless network (for this, call it a SSID "Net A") and then in the basement I could operate my gaming on a seperate network that would not affect Net A (call it SSID "Net B"). Is their anyway that is possible to have two different networks on my internet plan? How would I properly set it up? What are pros/cons?

Thanks so much guys!
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  1. Go look at the reviews say on newegg. Every single router has people that love it and people that hate it. Partially this is due to wireless working differently in different people houses. Pretty much any of the major brands will be about the same.

    The key ability I like to look for is the ability to load DD-WRT software. Doing this allows you to use this software if you do not like the features the router comes with.

    Depends what you mean separate network. You can of course use 2 hardware devices to do this with second acting as a AP rather than a router. Some routers or ones running DD-WRT have the ability to run 2 networks on the same router.

    The key "but" here is they still share the same internet connection. You to a point can use quality of service features to keep them separate they will still have some impact on each other. You might be able to favor one network over the other but if one is running abusive software such as bit torrents you can only do so much.
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