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Just an FYI as I havent seen it motioned here much.

Shoot is a small app that works in conjunction with MS speech recognition
engine that enables custom dictionaries/profiles for other apps,
specifically games.

I purchased Game commander 2 a few years back and was unimpressed but this
is a whole new ballgame and best of all its free. Extremely high
recognition percentage and small footprint.

Its a pita to set up the .xml profiles (2.0 otw) but once you have the
syntax its not too bad. Many games already have profiles and these can
easily be customized.

You also need the MS speech sdk 5.1 free (Office XP 2003 includes MS Speech
6.1 which I recommend using over 5.1 if you can). You also need dot net 1.1
patched and DX81 or higher.

Well worth the price and works surprisingly good. In SH3 its quite the wow
factor to bark out orders and have the crew reply.

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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    Dear Mitch

    Thanks for the link. It's a fantastic program, it works and
    best of all, IT'S FREE TO USE!

    I downloaded the all the zip and exe installation files.
    After installing the files, it took me a while to understand
    that to configure Shoot, one has to edit the *.xml text file
    in order to make it understand what phrase does what.

    I finally understood how it worked after 2 days.
    Now I can use it to do basic stuff like "Get Mail" and
    "Open Address Book". It even works for DOS programs opened
    running under a dos window.

    It works great. If anyone in this newsgroup has a problem
    running it or to get it to work, they can email me.

    Frankie Kam a.k.a. TornadoMan

    "I'll hit the brakes, and he'll fly right by"
  2. hey ..
    thanks very much for the information guys ..
    I really need help to run Shoot .. I hope if you can tell me how to do it ..
    I know that I have to do the training, editing the profiles then speak .. but when I spoke it just write: Recognized: notepad , Recognized: Minimze .. etc.
    When I say notepad it just say that it's recognized but don't open it ..
    I'm waiting for the reply and thanks again ..
    By the way I couldn't send you an email Frankie , couldn't find it!
    thanks .. my email is
  3. Quote:
    I'm waiting for the reply and thanks again ..
    By the way I couldn't send you an email Frankie , couldn't find it!

    Heh, you might be waiting awhile. If you hadn't noticed, you replied to a post that was around 4 years old.
  4. whoa .. I really didn't notice that because I was excited ..
    bhowell can you help me with this ? I mean Shoot?
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