Can't install apps on Windows 8

Recently I have installed Windows 8 pro on my PC and when I'm try to install an app from stores I got the following massage.
"This app can't be purchased because your current internet connection is slow. Please try again using a different connection."
But I'm sure my connection speed is better than that. So, what can I do.......
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  1. Well maybe its because you're internet is slow, try to do a speedtest.
  2. No....
    It has a speed of 7.2 Mbps on Downloading and 3.6 Mbps on Uploading...
  3. Is that the or any other speed rest results or it is a advertised speed you bought? Another thing is are you using on wireless or direct connection? Lastly go to i think thats the link then chamge the channel til you can download
  4. bt my friend install apps using my internet connection. (It is a mobile broadband connection)
  5. Make sure your network drivers are up to date. Also, make sure nothing else is downloading on the computer. Task Manager and Resource Monitor can help troubleshoot network issues.
  6. Thank you all for replying here....
    Bt I have downloaded and installed network drivers that is provided by hp.......
    And I'm sure there is no any other downloading (shown in mobile partner)
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