Mac address filter setup with note field

i need to add a lot of mac addresses in mac addr filter table. many routers do not allow me to add a note for each mac address. that makes management a bit difficult.


field 1, field 2, enable
xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx , peter pc, y
xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx, mary pc, n

pls advise which router brand allows me to do so.
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  1. The only form of mac address filter that works is called 802.1x. It uses a server to authenticate that the mac address is being used by who you think it is. There are fields to put in people name phone number whatever.

    Any form of security based mac address filter is a COMPLETE waste of time. It is trivial to change your mac address and it is trivial to find the list of authorized mac address. There are simple tools that children can now use it takes no skill at all just click the mouse.
  2. thank you for your quick reply.

    my requirement is not for security but for easy management. the note field is entered manually for reference only. long time ago, i have used SMC router which has this function. as the SMC router is no longer available in my country. i want to find another. i have looked into dlink, belkin, linksys, buffalo, etc but none of them support this
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